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Adventure Awaits in Glenrock, Wyoming and surrounding areas

Take advantage of our ATV & UTV rental services

Converse County features majestic mountain peaks, scenic trails and natural wonders galore. You won't have time to see everything if you travel on foot, so get some wheels. UTV Rentals and Toys leads guided ATV tours in Glenrock, WY and surrounding areas.

If you're the type of adventurer who likes to strike out on their own, look into our ATV rental services. We're licensed and insured.

Please read these FAQ before booking:

How long are guided tours? Two, four, six or eight hours.
Who can rent an off-road vehicle? Adults who are at least 21 years old with a valid drivers license.
Where do you drop off snowmobile, UTV and ATV rentals? Anywhere within 50 miles of Glenrock.

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Avid traveler | ATV & UTV expert | Local entrepreneur

Owner Frank Hardman has over 50 years of experience in power sport industry. Although he loved working with clients who enjoy the open road, his true passion lies in off-roading. That's why he started a UTV rental business serving Glenrock, WY and surrounding areas.

Since September 2020, Frank and his wife have been educating locals and visitors about off-road vehicles, pickup trucks and motorcycles. Whether you're curious about the lifestyle or want to purchase a used ATV for sale, you won't regret talking to us.

Have you fallen in love with the off-roading lifestyle?

We thought you would. Ask Frank for tips about purchasing an ATV, a UTV or a snowmobile. He can give you advice about pricing, equipment specs and everything in between.